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Meet The Barkeeps


General Manager - Obergruppenführer
A force to be reckoned with; a true human-whirlwind. 


 Bar Manager - Insomniac

Do not approach Tina unless she has been sufficiently medicated with coffee and cigarettes.


Assistant Manager- 's.c.F.'

It would be hard to find a woman who knows more about bar-keeping than ang'... Probably because she's murdered any competitors.


Barkeep - Chanteuse - Cocktail Specialist

Like Cocktails? This is the one to see! A perfect pour everytime! 


Barkeep - rising star

New to the industry, with all the makings of a great barman.


Chef - Obstacle

Don't ever start talking to this man about food... You will never get away. Also, he can lift you up by your head, one-handed... So be nice.


Chef/Cleaner - Doesn't like photos

Luckily, we discovered that Julie is A far better chef than she is a cleaner.

"I said that I would, not that I could"...


Barkeep - Dry

First thought to be shy, this one is fun, with a wicked dry humour!



Cleaner - Improvement

After Julie was promoted to the kitchen, we've noticed that our shoes no longer stick to the floor. Thank you, sue.

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